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We advise, support and assist companies and shareholders in all possible disputes. Fast, practically and efficiently.

The worst nightmare of any entrepreneur: there’s nothing left of what was once such a desired and good relationship with (a) shareholder(s). Think of shareholders who have different visions for the future of the company, unequal commitment, (a) shareholder(s) who want to stop or shareholders who just (suddenly) don’t get on. How do you then get on with each other, and more importantly, how do you resolve the situation?

Whether you want to resolve it properly and with good will or get everything you can, each party has its own interests. If this is not managed well, conflicts arise. These can then result in a lengthy and expensive legal process.

We will help you determine the right strategy and clearly establish the final goal at an early stage in order to achieve the desired result. We also explain the various options and what concrete results these may generate. If it is impossible to reach a solution in mutual consultation, we rely on the expert view and assessment of the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal or we try to get a dispute settlement in court.

Always in a transparent way with prior insight into the costs.